Daily Rituals to be Productive

Lately I have been thinking about and implementing a few daily rituals (or habits) into my routine to make me more productive. Then this morning I read a great post by my friend Jeff on 5 steps to help you focus, which has helped to continue my thinking.

The basic idea of what Jeff is saying is that to be great at a few things you have to intentionally organize your life around them. For me, this will likely take the shape of creating solid rituals (or habits) around the things that matter to me. For example, I have created the ritual of getting up early in order to get a lot done in the morning so that I can have time with my family in the evening. I am also working to create some smaller rituals that are easy to do and track, like “clean the house for a minimum of 20 minutes a day” or “read for 30 minutes a day” or “write for 20 minutes a day”.

I’m convinced that creating good rituals to be more productive is like working a muscle, its painful at first but later becomes second nature and I will be better off for having done the work.


photo credit: Liturgy for a timeless world via photopin (license)

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