4 reasons I prefer a fedora

I am often known as the “hat man.” It’s because I generally (and by generally I mean always) wear a fedora when I go out. Going to a business meeting, I wear a fedora. Going to my kids school in shorts and flip flops, I wear a fedora. Going to bed, well…. you get the idea.

I guess some people may wonder why, and I have been thinking about that as well. Here are the reasons I prefer wearing a fedora.

  • It reminds me of simpler ways of living.
    Fedora’s were popular from the 1920s to 1950s, and life was arguably a bit simpler then. There weren’t people bumping into you on the sidewalk lost in a screen. Families ate at a dinner table and had a conversation for entertainment rather than eating on TV trays in front of a glowing box, etc. I am continuing to strive for simplicity in this complicated world and wearing a fedora is a great reminder of that goal.
  • It is my signature.
    It’s good to be known for something and nice to be easily recognizable. The other day I was walking into a large building in town for a meeting and outside my new client bumps into me and says, “you are Adam right? I recognized you because of the hat.” With my fedora in place, I’m pretty easy to spot.
  • It reminds me to practice old fashioned manners.
    This is something else about the early 1900’s that I like, manners. I think it’s important to open a door for the person coming in behind you, just to be nice. My fedora reminds me a lot of my grandfather and the gentlemen he was. I strive to be that sort of man.
  • It looks good.
    I have never had a lot of luck with having a cool haircut. I have found that a cool hat is much easier to pull of and a lot less work.
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