Stack habits to be more productive

We all have good habits that help us get things done. For some of us it’s writing daily, working out, checking email at a set time, etc. One way to be more productive is to create a new habit to stack on top of an existing one. Here are a few examples of what I mean:

  • When I finish writing a blog post (current habit), I brainstorm three new blog post ideas (new habit).
  • In the morning when I stumble downstairs to make my morning coffee (current habit), I drink 16 ounces of water first (new habit).

Here are a few habit stacks I have been thinking about to get me be more productive at work,

  • After checking email (current habit), do one major thing on my to do list (new habit).
  • Following a meeting (current habit), spend 3 minutes reflecting on what I learned and make detailed notes (new habit).
  • After brushing my teeth (current habit), read two inspiring quotes to get me motivated for my day (new habit).
  • You get the idea.

It works because you are attaching a new action to something that you already would do anyway. Connecting the two makes it much easier to commit to the new habit and get things done.

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