You may be leading more than you think

I don’t think of myself as a big leader of people. I lead a few here and there, but not many, or so I thought.  The other day I was thinking about this, and I started counting the people that I lead in different areas of my life. Here is the rough breakdown:

Weekly I lead:

  • 5 – family
  • 10 –
  • 1 – 48in48
  • 25 – Sunday school class

That is 41 people that I am leading on a weekly basis. Then if you factor in the work that I do with leading 48in48 events that number goes up quickly.

My point is not that I lead many people, it is that you are likely leading more than you thought. And because you are likely a leader of people, leadership skills matter. That is why I’m continually thinking about leadership and how to improve. I want to lead people well. I want the people I lead to lead people well. So, if this is my goal, I had better be intentional in how I lead.

photo credit: chain reaction (cc) via photopin (license)

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