The best thing I learned from my mom

When I was a kid, I remember going on road trips with my mom. Of course this was before the days of GPS and smartphones, so she had to know where she was going in order to get there, only sometimes she didn’t. I remember one time being on one end of a city and mom saying, “well, we have to get over there” pointing to some far off destination that I didn’t see, “but, I’m not sure how. I guess we will have a driving adventure!”

Adventure is the best thing I learned from my mom (thus far). She has this sense of adventure that is magical. She can look at two options when there is a major fork in the road of her life; one option is safe, the other risky, and she can be totally ok with either one. She is not afraid of a challenge, of failure or a fight.

Throughout my childhood, my mom and I had many driving adventures. Now, as an adult our adventures are different, but she is still always ready for the next adventure or challenge. I think her sense of adventure is one of the reasons I’m an entrepreneur today. I don’t fear the risk; I’m always ready for the next adventure. I hope I can instill adventure into my kids as well.

Thanks mom.

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