What my kids see

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my kids see when they look at me. When they walk into a room, do they see me reading, working, or playing on my phone? When they want my attention, do they see me as attentive to them or as distracted by a device? When I’m watching a ball game, do they see my cheering them on or paying attention to something else? Do my kids see me as attentive an available or distracted and distant?

I think a lot of this comes back to my relationship with devices and how I use them around my kids. I realize that I’m teaching them now what is acceptable, what is normal. I need to be cautious about what I’m teaching, and if I’m honest, at the moment I’m not sure I’m doing a great job. So, here are two lists of things I’m thinking through:

Commitments¬†I’m making to my kids:

  • I will not allow devices to distract me from my kids. Their childhood is too short, and devices will always be available.
  • I will focus on being intentionally attentive to my wife and kids.

What I want my kids to see:

  • I want my kids to see me work hard.
  • I want my kids to see me up early.
  • I want my kids to see that I care more about them than any screen.