The secret to success

I believe the secret to success is simple to understand and hard to execute. Simply put, the secret to success is never to stop. Never stop pushing. Never stop trying. Never stop moving forward. Never stop growing. Never stop exploring. Never stop trying.

Success is about momentum over time, and the moment we stop, our momentum stops as well.

On Tuesdays, I take my son to gymnastics. On the wall, they have one of those posters that looks one way from one angle and another way from another angle. When you look at it from the first angle, it shows an Olympian on a balance beam in front of a huge crowd, with a tagline below it that reads, “Champions are made.” Then, when you step to the side to see how the image shifts it changes to that same Olympian on the same balance beam, but this time with no crowd, just empty stands, and the tagline reads, “when no one is watching.”

“Champions are made when no one is watching.” That is so true. It’s true because they never stop. They work hard with a crowd or without, in heat and cold, when tired and when energized. Olympians succeed because they push forward with an intensity that most of us only dream about. They never stop, ever, for any reason.

If success is about momentum over time, here’s to gaining that momentum and never stopping until we get to where we want to be!

Photo by Johann Walter Bantz on Unsplash