Why doing hard things is awesome

I recently finished the toughest physical challenge of my life. It was awesome. And yes, I will be doing it again.

One of the greatest things about doing something truly challenging is that you can then compare situations and gain strength from the experience. Let me give an example.

Three days after completing my GORUCK Tough event I took my two oldest kids and one of their friends to Six Flags. We were at the park before the gates opened and stayed until they closed, 11.5 hours in total. I should have been exhausted; only I wasn’t. I was able to compare this experience to my GORUCK experience. This helped me to realize that a day at Six Flags is no big deal. I was able to reset my thinking, re-up my energy level, and by 9:15 pm, I was still feeling great and ready to keep going.

We often think we have this line that is our max, but that thought is exactly that, just a thought and nothing more. Our limits are more often in our head than in our actual capabilities. Doing hard things helps us to reset and challenge that false thinking, pushing us closer and closer to our full potential.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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