Networking makes life better

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Yesterday evening I realized I needed a pressure washer for a project. I asked a few neighbors if they had one, no luck. I started thinking through who I could call, and about the time I was running out of ideas, I decided to post on Facebook and ask.

I posted, “Do any of my friends around metro Atlanta have a power washer that I can borrow tomorrow?” Within two hours, I got six comments, two texts, and had a pressure washer in the back of my truck on the way back to my house. That’s how networking makes life better.

Networking makes business better too. It’s how I have grown Sideways8 from just two of us working part-time into a great company with a great team. When people know you, and like you, they tend to help you. Though my network helps me a lot, I hope I can give more than I get.

Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash