A fresh start, grand horizon, and lack of tunnel vision

I’m wrapping up my first full week as a part of the Dragon Army team. If you didn’t see my last post, Sideways8 was recently acquired by Dragon Army!

This team is full of amazing, funny, and talented people. And, being a part of it, even for just a week, has helped me to realize a few things.

First, the value of a fresh start is enormous! Aaron and I started Sideways8 in 2010 and had already been working together building small websites for 2-years before that. I have done that for as long as my kids have been alive. Now, while I’m still doing that (selling that), there are other new and exciting things I’m a part of as well. It’s exhilarating to do new things, with new people.

As I’m doing new things, I also realize the horizon for growth is limitless. Joining Dragon Army was like jumping into a rocketship. There is so much good we can do in the world, so much happiness to inspire, and so many products and experiences that we can create together, it’s staggering. My personal growth before was enormous, being an entrepreneur and leader, and now alongside this team, it will go even further.

I also am just realizing the tunnel vision that had recently come to shape my life, and I feel I’m starting to come out from it a bit. In 2015 Jeff and I started 48in48. As it grew, so did my role with the organization. Over the last four years, I have had one foot in each company, working to build them both at the same time. Trying to do two jobs that should be full time, at the same time, is a recipe for stress at best, and ineffectiveness at worst. I flirted with both. Trying to do two jobs well gave me tunnel vision regarding time, or the scarcity of it, and drained my energy and maybe a bit of my humor.

What am I going to do next? Well, first, I’m going to help grow Dragon Army and see if I can pour a little more fuel into that rocket. I’m also starting to dabble with the idea of doing a little stand-up comedy. I have a friend that will give me a 5-minute spot at one of her shows. And, Jess and I will be hosting a Stand-Up Comedy Night as an adoption fundraiser this Fall. The fundraiser will have real comics at it, but I plan to do a 5-minute set as well, which I’m sure will be met with complete, soul-shattering, silence.

I also plan more dates with my wife, laughs with her, and some fun family adventures. I might even finish the video series I created of our family’s trip to China! Oh, and I’m sure I’ll start yet another podcast, but you saw that coming, didn’t you!

Stay tuned; great things are coming; this is just the beginning!

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