What should your marketing foundation look like?

Your marketing foundation is the core mix of marketing assets (like a website and logo), marketing strategies (why you are marketing and to whom), marketing channels (where you will market), and marketing tactics (how you will go about it). This foundation can start simple for small to mid-sized companies and grows in complexity over time.

Here is a quick breakdown of a foundational marketing mix:

  1. Core Marketing Assets: You need a logo, brand colors, website, and to own relevant social media profiles and properties.
  2. Marketing Strategy: Why are you marketing? Who are you marketing to? What do you want them to do? What kind of content will you create for them?
  3. Marketing Channels: Where do your customers spend their time? Start there and get to know these channels deeply.
  4. Marketing Tactics: Who will do what? When?
  5. Marketing Metrics: What will you measure? How will you know if your marketing is working?

Once you this covered, you will be ready to market, grow your company, and work on a more robust marketing approach for faster growth.

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