More marketers should make lose-win offers

We’ve all heard about (and advocated for) win-win scenarios. It’s best when everyone wins. But, related to marketing, I’ve heard both Tim Ferris and Alex Hermozi talk about making a lose-win offer, and I love it.

The idea is that you make an offer so that you will lose if the client doesn’t win. I love this because of the incentive it gives you to deliver.

For example, I’m making the following offer for my next two marketing consulting (or fractional CMO) clients. After working together for 60 days, if you aren’t satisfied, I’ll refund 100% of my fees, and we can part ways as friends.

If my client walks away after 60 days, I lose money, my time, and all of the marketing strategy, leadership, and tactics I’ve put into place. So, to ensure that doesn’t happen, I have to make sure my client wins and wins big!

A lose-win offer forces marketers to deliver on their promises.

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