How to test paid ads to get leads

If you own a small business, you have likely considered using paid ads to get leads but need to know where to start. Here is a quick primer to get started today.

  1. Choose an ad platform that works for you. Make sure your audience is there. And ensure you can target the audience effectively (running ads specifically for your demographic).
  2. Define your goals. Do you want leads, brand awareness, more followers, or something else?
  3. Know your audience intimately. The only way to craft a good ad is by having a specific audience that you know well.
  4. Create your ad, preferably with an offer that appeals to your audience.
  5. Create a landing page for your ad. Use the same images and language used in the ad. Do not send ad clicks to your home page; that’s just giving away money. Make sure the landing page has a call to action, like a form to fill out.
  6. Start small, then grow. Start with a small budget, see how it performs, and expand on what works.