What things would guarantee success if you were to do them for long enough?

Knowing the right things to do, doing the right things, and doing the right things for long enough to see success are different. I often know what to do, but bringing myself to do it consistently until I see success is a different story. Alex Hormozi has an interesting way of thinking about this. He said:

What is the list of activities that is a saw somebody… do these things, I would think that it is was unreasonable that they would not succeed over a long enough time horizon? If I had to guarantee that someone else would be successful, what would I tell that person to do?

Alex Hormozi

He refers to actions like making 100 outreaches per day for sales or creating content for an hour daily to grow an audience.

His point is simple: the right actions + a long enough time horizon = dramatically increased odds of success.

In your work, what actions would you advise someone to take over a long period to be wildly successful? And, if you would advise them to do it, why not do it yourself?