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Thankful for Unexpected Help

September 5, 2019

Last Saturday, we loaded up the kids and went to a friend’s garage sale. We don’t need more stuff; we went to say thank you.…

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A-Bomb Summer and The Value of Embracing Change

August 15, 2019

Our family refers to this summer as A-Bomb Summer. It’s the summer when everything blew up, changing all at once! Here is a quick list…

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We are adopting again! Here’s why.

June 5, 2019

Eight years ago, we started our adoption journey. We had heard about the need of orphans in China and knew we could make a difference…

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The family we will never know

August 24, 2017

His smile is infectious, lighting up his entire face and the room surrounding it. I watch him as I write this, playing, smiling, laughing, perfect.…

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Technology advice when adopting in China

June 23, 2013

Ok, I’m a tech nerd, and was recently  in China and really appreciating my tech nerdiness because it means I can communicate really well with…

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