Be more productive by admitting wrong quickly

I’m wrong a lot. Seriously. In a given week, I find that I often admit fault and take responsibility for things at work. And at home it’s the same. I don’t believe I’m wrong more than the average person, I just fess up to it quickly, which makes me more productive.

Here’s what I mean. When I’m on a call with my team, and something is not going as planned, I will quickly take the responsibility for it. Sometimes I’m 90% responsible and sometimes 10%, but I’m willing to own it so that my team can keep moving forward. (Note, if I’m 0% responsible, I don’t take the blame).

Or, at home on one of those occasions where I lose my cool, I try to be quick to apologize. Doing this allows me to fix the wrong I have done and helps us to move on as a family.

The trick is in realizing when you are wrong immediately and being willing to own up to it. As soon as you own up to it, you can move past it and get on to more productive things.

photo credit: I´m not dirty – let me out via photopin (license)