Productivity Experiment – Day 9 – Determine Your Habits

A huge part of being productive is building the habits that will help you along the way. Habits are like automated processes that help you to move consistently in the right direction and get things done. If you build the right habits, productivity becomes a natural part of your day and your life.

A few of my favorite productivity habits

  • Rise early. I can get a lot of things done before other people are wanting my attention.
  • Do 2-minute tasks right now. Don’t wait, if you can do it in less than 2-minutes, do it.
  • Every day, write down the three things I will do that day no matter what, then do them.
  • Get to inbox zero once a day.
  • Use the Pomorodo Method to help me focus on large tasks.

Those are my habits, and they work for me. What will your habits need to be to help you be productive?

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash