Productivity Experiment – Day 10 – Determine Your Tactics

It’s time to think about productivity tactics. These are the tools and approaches used to remain productive. Tactics will be different for every person, so I won’t get into specifics. But, I think it’s important to outline some categories to give us a framework for our thinking.

Necessary Tactics and Tools for Productivity

  • Calendar. Use a calendar to block out meetings and times that you are going to do specific work. Blocking out time for focused work is critical for productivity. For this, I use Google Calendar.
  • Task Management. Everyone has a list of things they need to get done. And, no one should keep that list in their head. Picking the right task management system is critical for getting things done. For this, I use Todoist.
  • Systems / Processes. Create a system or process around anything you do regularly. Meetings, work, learning, etc. fall into this category. 
  • Tracking. How will you know if you are making progress if you aren’t tracking it? I love to use Habit List for tracking my habits, and the 5/5/5 method for tracking my goals.

Take 15-minutes to think about these things and if there are any other categories you may need to consider. What tactics will be important for you to be productive?

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash