The two most important parts of any communication

October 28, 2021

Know why you are communicating The most important part of any communication is the why. Why does this communication exist? Why are you sending that…

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Good Marketing is about being DIFFerent

April 11, 2021

This was originally published to my Substack Newsletter here. Did you check out Commercial Fest 2021 (er, I mean the Super Bowl)? I did, and…

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How to Not Waste Time on Social Media as a Nonprofit

July 15, 2020

I recently gave a talk about how nonprofits can stop wasting time on social media and create a plan to grow. If you attended my…

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My New Gig and How I Got There

June 29, 2020

I Accepted a New Position at TechBridge I’m excited to announce that I have taken a new position and am now the Chief Marketing Officer…

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Fringe Tech and Fritters

November 8, 2019

Yesterday I gave a talk at Dragon Army titled Fringe Tech and Fritters. You guessed it, we ate fritters and talked about fringe tech! My…

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