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Productivity Experiment – Day 1

November 14, 2019

Today I started my productivity experiment to get myself focused and on track. It’s been great! I’m starting by making a list of the things…

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The Two Week Productivity Experiment

November 12, 2019

In the last few months, my life has turned upside down. We started the adoption process to adopt our 6th child, moved, changed schools and…

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15 Experiments to run on yourself that may make your life better

October 8, 2019

I recently listened to an episode of the podcast Hidden Brain about getting unstuck. One of the things they talk about is taking a software development idea…

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I started a micro-podcast

June 27, 2019

I recently created a micro-podcast. It’s my fourth podcast, so I seem to have a bit of an obsession. It’s called The Slowdown, and it’s…

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Crushing Busyness – Part 4 – The 2-Minute Rules

June 25, 2019

Two 2-minute rules are critical to my productivity. The first is from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. James talks about creating habits that…

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