What I have learned from 676 hours of reading (plus book recommendations)

June 3, 2024

Two years ago, a friend texted me. He wanted to read more and challenged me to read for a set amount of time daily. At…

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Reps Over Results

May 7, 2024

In marketing, reps are often more important than results. We should be results-oriented; the problem is that we are often results-oriented over too short a…

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The one question that will help achieve your dreams

May 3, 2024

“Achieving your dreams comes down to one question: How many times are you willing to get back up after falling down? Entrepreneurship is nothing more…

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Every Task Has an Overhead Tax

April 30, 2024

In knowledge work, when you agree to a new commitment, be it a minor task or a large project, it brings with it a certain…

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Marketing is about Value

April 29, 2024

Great marketing always comes down to value. It starts with the values you have as an organization, i.e., Nike values effort and performance. It ends…

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