What do you believe about your capacity?

April 28, 2024

I’m a big fan of David Goggins. He is a powerhouse. David does things that I imagine no human should be able to do. He…

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Why I’m Done with “Experts,” and Hope You Are Too

April 16, 2024

Yesterday, I saw a TikTok video of an “expert” claiming that blending up a banana changes its glycemic index. Blending and chewing a banana are…

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How Business Owners Can Use Social Listening to Better Understand Their Customers

April 3, 2024

Ever wonder what your customers really think? Social listening is like being a fly on the wall giving you insight into your customers. Here’s how…

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How to test paid ads to get leads

April 1, 2024

If you own a small business, you have likely considered using paid ads to get leads but need to know where to start. Here is…

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What things would guarantee success if you were to do them for long enough?

March 28, 2024

Knowing the right things to do, doing the right things, and doing the right things for long enough to see success are different. I often…

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