What I bought instead of an Apple Watch (or a Pebble)

I have been wearing a Pebble Steel watch for about a year and a half now, and eyeing an Apple Watch for the last year as well. I love the wearable idea and really think there is a lot of value in using them well. But recently, I have noticed my own habits changing and specifically have become more aware of how intrusive my phone alerts (and therefore my pebble watch alerts) have become. So, I decided to control how I’m alerted, and a big part of that was taking away the ability of my phone to alert me via smart watch. You guessed it, I bought a dumb watch. But, not just a dumb watch, a mechanical watch that doesn’t even use a battery!

I got a Seiko 5 because it’s super affordable, looks good, and tells time. It’s also a subtle reminder to me each time I look at it that technology doesn’t have to encroach upon my life. Yes, I’m missing out on some serious benefits of having a smart watch, and I might still venture back into that space later. But for now, I want to re-learn how to be present and my dumb watch is a part of that journey.