Hi, I'm Adam

I'm a Husband, Father of 5, Thinker, Doer. Wearer of fedoras. I work in Digital Marketing at Sideways8 & support nonprofits at 48in48.

Here I blog about productivity, leadership, habit building and random stories from my crazy life as a dad of five.

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Living / Perspective

Busyness isn’t real

March 6, 2019

3 Things Meditating for 30-days Taught Me

Perspective / Productivity

3 ways I’m slowing down today


Want to be luckier?

Assumptions that kill communication

I spend a lot of time thinking about communication. I do this because a good chunk of what I do each day is communicate, with clients and with my team....

My Wife Giving Back

Back in the Christmas Season, my wife, who does photography on the side as an adoption fundraiser, gave her time to photograph some special needs children having a special time...

About Communication

I read a great post by Seth Godin the other day called Toward resilience in communication (the end of cc). I loved it, especially since I believe our communication skills are gaining...

Things take time

I saw this video the other day on Michael Hyatt's blog and it reminded me of two things. Things take time. And, things that are worth doing likely take more...

Rules to live by – an open draft (part 2)

Well, I can't stop at just 6 rules to live by from my previous post. So, here are few more that I'm thinking through: Don't waste time. Time is precious...

Rules to live by – an open draft

I read a blog post about 12 rules to live by the other day. Several of the rules seemed really good, so I have started pondering this idea a bit....

Brushing off the dust of my blog

You know how sometimes in life you put something down without realizing it? I am realizing in this increasing busyness that I call life that sometimes I stop doing something...

A Homeless Man’s Thanksfulness

Today on the way out of a gas station I was asked for money by a homeless man. In Atlanta, this is pretty common, and my default answer is no...

Listening in Business

I had a talk yesterday with someone putting together a "Sales 101" class. He was looking for some input on the content of the class and after I listened to...