Hi, I'm Adam

I'm a Husband, Father of 5, Thinker, Doer. Wearer of fedoras. I work in Digital Marketing at Sideways8 & support nonprofits at 48in48.

Here I blog about productivity, leadership, habit building and random stories from my crazy life as a dad of five.

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The Planner I’m Trying Out

June 19, 2018
Leadership / Personal / The Family Man Entrepreneur

I have an idea, and need your feedback

Tech Talk Y'all / Technology

TTY ep 36 – Developers, developers, developers, developers

Living / Personal / Productivity

Finding the next gear – thoughts on pressing on when it gets tough


Do 2-minute tasks now

I read David Allen's book Getting Things Done probably ten years ago. One of the things he talks about in the book is doing a two-minute task immediately. Creating this...

When its ok to be unkind

Last Valentines Day my wife and I went out to dinner. I think it might have been the first time in 17 Valentines Days together that we had actually gone...

Get up early, get more done

The best thing I have ever done for my productivity is consistently get up early. But, let's not start there. Let's start with the fact that I'm not naturally an...

The things I hope for my kids

As I watch my kids grow up, their struggles and triumphs, I can't help but think about my own life, make some comparisons and draw some conclusions. Lately, I have...

The 3 mindsets that make me more productive

I think and talk a lot about productivity. I'm in the middle of preparing a talk on the subject as well. As I have been thinking about this talk, I...

Micromanagement Kills Creativity and Productivity

My teams (48in48, Sideways8, and my kids for that matter) know that I hate micromanagement. I don't want to be micromanaged, and I don't want to micromanage someone else. I...

What growing two organizations at once is teaching me

In January of this year, I started on staff at 48in48 as the Executive Director while also remaining on staff at Sideways8 as CEO. This means that in 2018 I'm...

My 5/5/5 Method for Productivity and Focus

Near the end of last year, I had a realization. Early in the year I had set out goals and mapped out the strategies I would take to meet those...

My Setup to Create a Great Meeting

I have a lot of meetings each week. From lunches to coffee meetings to calls, my goal is to have about 15 to 20 meetings per week to connect with...