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I'm a Husband, Father of 5, Thinker, Doer. Wearer of fedoras. I work in Digital Marketing at Sideways8 & support nonprofits at 48in48.

Here I blog about productivity, leadership, habit building and random stories from my crazy life as a dad of five.

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Networking makes life better

June 18, 2019
Adoption / Personal / Perspective

We are adopting again! Here’s why.

Perspective / Productivity

Become who you want to be in your mind first


Embrace the Suck

Less Chemicals, More Robots!

TTY ep 36 – Developers, developers, developers, developers

This is the new episode of my "tech comedy" podcast Tech Talk Y'all. If you haven't listened yet, this is a fun one to start on! The quote of the...

Finding the next gear – thoughts on pressing on when it gets tough

About a year ago I read the book, Living with a Seal, by Jesse Itzler. One of the best things I learned in that book is what the seal told...

Improvement Over Comfort

I'm not sure if improvement and comfort are always mutually exclusive, but it sure feels like you rarely can have them both at the same time. This morning, my training...
Anvil - hard thing

The Value of the Hard Thing

I'm a believer in doing the hard thing. If there are two options and one of them is harder than the other, I'll often (but not always) take the harder...

Updates and one crazy week

I don't believe in using the word busy, but if I did, it might apply to this week. It's ballet dress rehearsal week, the first week of summer swim team, close...

My communication strategy for fast growth companies and organizations

I'm currently scaling two organizations on a fast growth trajectory. The staff is always growing, our projects always increasing, and our need for quick, clear communication is always apparent. At...

5 things having 5 kids is teaching me about leadership

As I have often noted here, I have five kids. And, having five kids isn't as hard as you think, except for when it is. Being a dad of five...

I’m changing how I see myself, and it’s making all the difference

For most of my life, I have seen myself as physically weak. I think this idea came from the fact that I have always been scrawny skinny and never really...

Give Everything Away

Recently I had coffee with a new friend that wants to start a new nonprofit. He was asking me about the processes I had set up, the playbook for the...