Hi, I'm Adam

I'm a Husband, Father of 5, Thinker, Doer. Wearer of fedoras. I work in Digital Marketing at Sideways8 & support nonprofits at 48in48.

Here I blog about productivity, leadership, habit building and random stories from my crazy life as a dad of five.

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The things I hope for my kids

As I watch my kids grow up, their struggles and triumphs, I can't help but think about my own life, make some comparisons and draw some conclusions. Lately, I have...

The 3 mindsets that make me more productive

I think and talk a lot about productivity. I'm in the middle of preparing a talk on the subject as well. As I have been thinking about this talk, I...

Micromanagement Kills Creativity and Productivity

My teams (48in48, Sideways8, and my kids for that matter) know that I hate micromanagement. I don't want to be micromanaged, and I don't want to micromanage someone else. I...

What growing two organizations at once is teaching me

In January of this year, I started on staff at 48in48 as the Executive Director while also remaining on staff at Sideways8 as CEO. This means that in 2018 I'm...

My 5/5/5 Method for Productivity and Focus

Near the end of last year, I had a realization. Early in the year I had set out goals and mapped out the strategies I would take to meet those...

My Setup to Create a Great Meeting

I have a lot of meetings each week. From lunches to coffee meetings to calls, my goal is to have about 15 to 20 meetings per week to connect with...

Use your calendar as your main task list to get more stuff done

For years I heard the idea of scrapping your task list and using a calendar as your task list. As a task list junkie, this sounded nuts to me, until...

The secret to success

I believe the secret to success is simple to understand and hard to execute. Simply put, the secret to success is never to stop. Never stop pushing. Never stop trying....
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Designing your perfect week

Years ago a mentor asked me to do an exercise to plan out my perfect week. If I could have meetings anywhere I wanted and chose any schedule I wanted...